Bajra Raab

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Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Pearl Millet commonly known as Bajra in India is rich in essential compounds like protein, fibre, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. Due to its rich composition of minerals and proteins, Pearl Millet has many health benefits. Bajra Raab is a traditional Gujarati warm soup prepared from bajra flour.  Ajwain, cloves, pepper powder and dry ginger powder are added to make the soup healthy and is recommended for lactating mothers. 



  1. In a pan add ghee. Splutter carom seeds and cloves.
  2. Add bajra flour and roast on low heat till nice aroma is released.
  3. Add cinnamon powder, pepper powder, ginger powder and salt.
  4. Add water and cook on low heat for a minute stirring continuously.
  5. Add jaggery powder and cook on low heat for 3 more minutes. Switch off heat.
  6. Serve warm.


1.  2 small cinnamon sticks can be used instead of powder.

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  1. Can jowar or other Millet flours be used too? I currently only have jowar atta so was wondering if it would work or will get bajra atta next time 🙂

    Also wanted to let you know- thanks for sharing such an awesome and simple recipe VV Ma’m! With two children below 5 wouldn’t have even dreamt of trying new and yummy recipes, you make it so easy – thank u! Look forward to your posts everytime

    1. Hi Divya,
      Bajra tastes better in Raab. But you may try with Jowar flour also.
      It gives me a great satisfaction when young mothers like you try to include millets in your family’s diet. This dish is so healthy that you can introduce to your kids also in small portions.

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