Jowar Kichdi

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Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Whole Jowar grain kichdi is a healthy replacement for sago kichdi.  The low calorie dish is made more healthier by including sprouted horsegram and veggies. This wholesome food keeps us full for a long time. Best suited for diabetes.


  • 1/2 Cup Jowar/Sorghum/Cholam Grains
  • 2 Tbsp Sprouted Horsegram
  • 2 Tbsp Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Oil
  • 2 Tbsp Oil
  • 1/2 Tsp Mustard Seeds
  • 1 Tsp Jeera
  • 1/2 Tsp Turmeric Powder
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt
  • 1/2 Tsp Salt
  • 2 Green Chillies
  • 1 Tsp Chopped Ginger
  • 3 Tbsp Peanuts
  • 1/8 Tsp Asafoetida
  • 1 Cup Mixed Vegetables ( Carrot, beans, peas and capsicum)
  • 1 Tbsp Grated Jaggery
  • 1 Tbsp Grated Jaggery
  • 1 Tbsp Grated Jaggery
  • 2 Tbsp Grated Coconut
  • 2 Tbsp Chopped Coriander Leaves
  • 10 Curry leaves


  1. Soak Jowar grains for 15 hours and pressure cook adding 3 cups of water along with horsegram for 20 whistles.
  2. In a pan add oil and temper mustard seeds, jeera, green chillies, ginger, asafoetida and peanuts.
  3. Add veggies, curry leaves and saute till they become soft.
  4. Add salt, turmeric powder and and the cooked jowar with water and simmer for 10 minutes or till it becomes little dry.
  5. Add jaggery and coconut and switch off when the kichdi is little soggy. The water is absorbed once cooled.
  6. Sprinkle coriander leaves and serve warm.

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  1. Thisbis fantastic. I just made it and every detail you have mentioned is superbly adding to taste. I only do not have pomegranate. Wondering about adding raisins for that slight sweet touch. Great recipe. Your suggestion to soak 15 hours and pressure cook 2o whistles was spot on.

  2. Can I use jowar Dalia for this recipe VV if so how many hours to soak and how much water to use when cooking

    1. Hi Shanthi,
      Yes, you can use jowar Dalia. Soak for just 2 hours and cook for 6 whistles. Use 2 cups water. Hope this should be fine.

    1. Hi Vidhu,
      Happy to get a validation from you!! It gives me a satisfaction when elders and children in a family enjoy millet dishes!!

    1. Hi Sudha,
      Thanks for trying and happy to know that you loved the kichdi! It looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Thanks for this recipe!! Tried this recipe and it turned out to be super tasty and nutritious. It was very filling too… I feel good to have replaced not so healthy sabudana to a healthy Jowar !!

    1. Hi Poornima,
      Thanks for trying and validating the recipe. As you said, it is quite healthy and filling! Try idlis posted with whole jowar. They are tasty with the goodness of sprouted horsegram.

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