Karkitaka Kanji

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Cooks in: 40 Minutes Serves: 4 People

Karkitaka month falls between mid July and mid August. This is the monsoon season in Kerala and they have the practice of consuming Karkitaka Kanji also known as Marunnu Kanji or Oushdha Kanji. During this period, it is ideal to do Ayurvedic treatments and massages, and having the Karkidaka Kanji brings out an even better experience.The dish not only becomes a source of food but because of its beneficial impacts on the body, it is also considered to be a medicine. it is consumed as a 'course' for 7/14/21 days for its health benefits. Generally Navara rice is used for this kanji. There are many variations in preparation. Roasted onion or coconut milk can be added to the porridge before serving or it can be a plain kanji. My friend Ash Ananth shared this porridge recipe and I followed hers by replacing rice with millet. The kanji was very filling, yet light. Thanks Ash for this wonderful recipe.



  1. Wash and soak millet, dal and fenugreek seeds for 4 hours. Drain. In a pressure cooker transfer the soaked items and 2 cups of water, jeera and salt. Cook for 7 whistles. Turn off heat.
  2. Open after pressure settles down. Adjust consistency according to your preference by adding warm water.
  3. Serve with roasted papad, chammandhi or chutney , pickle etc.


  • Other millets like Kodo, Foxtail, Little can be used for this recipe.
  • Instead of grated coconut, coconut milk can also be added. That gives a nice texture and taste to the kanji.

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