Khoba Roti

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Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 People

This is a very beautiful and delicious flat bread from Rajasthan. Rotis are made with coarsely ground wheat and usually the rotis are thick with beautiful patterns. I used ragi flour for this recipe and got the same patterns as I do for wheat rotis. I loved making the patterns and my family enjoyed the delicious rotis!



  1. In a 2 Ltr cooker add water, salt, finely chopped garlic cloves. Cover and cook on high for a whistle.
  2. Manually release pressure and add kasoori methi and ragi flour. Mix with a wooden spatula till it looks like wet sand. Close with weight on and keep aside for 20 minutes. This method is called Autolysis , which is one of the 26 techniques of OPOS.
  3. Open, add ghee/oil knead briefly and divide in to 4 equal portions and make balls.
  4. Roll them into 1'' thick discs . With the help of greased tongs, slightly pinch the flour to get a pattern through out the disc.
  5. Once done, cook both sides on a tawa with ghee/oil.
  6. Serve with sabji/dal/pickle.


1. Millet flours generally absorb water in the ratio of 1:1. The proportion may change with different flours according to the moisture content in them. So please arrive at the right quantity of water for your flour before following autolysis technique. Please refer my earlier post “Millet Roti”¬†for more details.

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