Mango Parfait

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Cooks in: 15 Minutes Serves: 3 People

Parfait is a dessert which originated from France. Their version differs from American version which is quite simple. It is made by layering some granola, nuts, yogurt and fruits. The options are endless. I used ragi muesli for this recipe and the outcome was a fantastic filling breakfast. I prepared a day before and refrigerated it for 24 hours and the layers remained intact. Try this mouth watering easy recipe for your breakfast.



  1. Mix the sugar powder to the hung curd.
  2. In a tall glass first add some millet muesli. Next layer will be curd. Add a tea spoon of sabra seeds over it. Next comes cut mango pieces.
  3. Repeat the layers till the glass gets filled. Decorate with a mint leaf. Refrigerate it overnight. You can have it in the morning for breakfast.


  • If millet muesli is not available, any millet flakes/poha can be used.
  • Instead of mangoes, banana /Chikoo/Pomegranate/Strawberries can be added.
  • My muesli has nuts and seeds. So I did nt add any extra.

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