Sweet Potato Biriyani

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Cooks in: 30 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Sweet potato has a lot of health benefits. Besides simple starches, raw sweet potatoes are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre and bet carotene with moderate contents of other micronutrients including vitamin B5, B6 and manganese. This recipe is a perfect blend of millet, sweet potato and spices.



  1. Cook the Millet along with cloves, star anis, and big cardamom for 2 whistles.
  2. Boil the sweet potato roundels in  a small cooker for  whistle by adding 1/4 cup water. Let them be firm. Once cooled, prick them with a fork.
  3. In a pan dry roast coriander seeds, fennel seeds and cumin seeds. Remove.
  4. Add 3 tbsp oil and shallow fry the  sweet potatoes till they become  crisp on both sides.
  5. Grind the roasted spices to a fine powder along with pepper, chilli powder, green cardamom, bay leaf, turmeric powder and cinnamon.
  6. Now add garlic cloves, green chilli, 2  tbsp caramelised onions and tomato by adding just a tbsp of water and grind to a smooth paste.
  7. Add 2 tbsp oil in the pan, saute the masala paste with salt on medium heat till oil separates. Add sweet potatoes and let it absorb the spices for a minute.
  8. Add 1/2 cup water and when it starts boiling, turn the heat to low.
  9. Add the precooked millet and spread it evenly.
  10. Add 2 tbsp caramelized onions and coriander leaves.  Cover the pan and cook on low heat for 10 minutes.
  11. Switch off heat and open after 5 minutes.
  12. Mix gently and serve.


1. Other millets like Kodo, Little, Foxtail or proso millet can be used for this recipe.

2. Can replace caramelized onions with fried onions and tomato by 1/4 cup thick curd.

3. Make sure the Millet is cooked upto 80% only. That’s why we are cooking it for only 2 whistles.


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