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Cooks in: 30 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Thalipeeth is a Maharashtrian breakfast dish. It is a wholesome food which is quite filling. I used multi millet flour for this recipe. Adding palak makes it more healthy and tasty! Try out this winter special dish with lots of sesame seeds!!



  1. Wash and drain poha for 15 minutes.
  2. In a wide mixing bowl add all the ingredients except sesame seeds to the drained poha and make a soft dough. The moisture from poha and veggies is mostly enough for making the dough. Add water in tbsp only if necessary.
  3. Keep the dough covered for 30 minutes.
  4. Using a parchment paper/banana leaf pat a portion of the dough into 1/2'' thickness. Make a hole in the centre.
  5. Sprinkle sesame seeds liberally over the patted thalipeeth and slightly press so that they stick to the dough well.
  6. Transfer this to the heated pan and add oil from sides. Cover and cook on medium heat. Once done, open and cook the other side with oil.
  7. Serve hot with curd and pickle.


  • My multi millet flour consists of equal portions of Kodo, Little, Barnyard, Foxtail and Sorghum (Jowar) Millets. This recipe was given by one of my friends.
  • Fenugreek leaves, drumstick leaves, dill leaves can also be used instead of spinach.

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