Kalkandu sadham| Candy Sugar Bath | கல்கண்டு சாதம்

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Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Tamil Month Aadi is considered special for Maa Shakthi. Many rituals are carried out to please her and a variety of offerings are made. One of the popular neivedhyam is Kalkandu Sadham or Candy Sugar pongal. This is mostly made for ‘’Aadi perukku’’ or 18aam perukku. Kalkandu or candy sugar is used for making this sweet. I used Panam Kalkandu which is healthier than normal candy sugar. Try this easy recipe. You can find this recipe on our YouTube also. Please subscribe and share.



  1. Wash and soak millet for an hour. Drain. Add water, half cup milk and cook for 4 Whistles using a pressure cooker. Let pressure settle down.
  2. Meanwhile, make palm candy sugar syrup by adding 1/4 cup water. When it melts, strain and remove the impurities. Mash the cooked millet with the back of a ladle.
  3. On low heat mix the mashed millet and syrup. Add 1/4 Cup milk, pinch of salt and ghee. Mix well and switch off. Garnish with ghee fried nuts.


  • Other millets like Kodo/Barnyard/Foxtail/Proso can also be used for this recipe.
  • Can add more ghee and milk.
  • For vegan version, use coconut oil and almond milk.

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  1. The entire family loved this dish… My husband says, this is tastier than the one which is made with rice. Thank you !!

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