Jowar Musk Melon Cake

Cooks in : 40 min Serves: 2 people

I love baking! The well baked fluffy, pillow soft cake with healthy ingredients is to die for! Made this as a vegan cake for my son. But normal milk and curd will also work great for this recipe. I used palm candy sugar as a sweetener which gave a mild sweetness to the cake and the addition of musk melon and its juice made all the difference!
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Cooks in : 30 min Serves: 4 people

In the kids friendly snacks series, today I am sharing a very healthy, tasty and easy burfi recipe. It is made using legumes, millet, organic jaggery and ghee. Instead of sugar loaded sweets made with refined flour, try this healthy recipe and satisfy your kid’s sweet cravings!
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Cooks in : 40 min Serves: 2 people

Happy Holi to all! 

Gujiyas are the speciality of this festival. Instead of making the gujiyas with refined flour and sugar, I made a healthy version using ragi flour and natural sweeteners. So, these gujiyas are low in calorie and tastes very good. Try these healthy delicacy and I am sure, you will never like to prepare them the way it is usually done! Enjoy this festival of colours with natural colours and healthy snacks.
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Sweet Semiya

Cooks in : 10 min Serves: 2 people

This is the 200th Post! Thanks all of you for encouraging me with your comments, validations and motivations. Without your support, this is not possible. I am sharing a sweet dish to celebrate this achievement. Sweet vermicelli or vella semiya is a simple sweet dish made out of millet vermicelli and jaggery. Nowadays all kinds of millet vermicelli are available in the market. This dish can be made easily in a few minutes. I used  Foxtail millet vermicelli for this recipe. 
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