Citron Rice | Narthangai Sadham

Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Narthangai or Citron, though, a citrus fruit it has very distinct properties. it is loaded with a rich array of nutrients that include high levels of Vitamin C, potent antioxidants, dietary fibre, calcium, iron, beta-carotene, niacin, manganese, zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, and potassium. Some of the impressive health benefits of citron include cancer prevention, weight loss, boosts immune system and instant relief from acidity. Mixed rice is prepared with the juice of this fruit just like lemon rice.

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Cooked Millet Halwa | மில்லட் அல்வா

Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 3 People

One of my friend Priya Ramanujam shared a recipe of halwa using cooked rice and sugar. It was very tempting! So, immediately I tried the recipe with millet and a few variations. I have tried the same recipe with different sweeteners like jaggery, palm jaggery and palm candy sugar. All came out very well and tasted too good. Try this easy recipe for Diwali and surprise your family!

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Sugiyan | சுய்யன்/சுகியன்

Cooks in: 30 Minutes Serves: 3 People

Susiyan/sugiyan/suyyam is a sweet bonda made with Chana dal, jaggery and coconut as filling and dipped in a batter, then deep fried. The batter is prepared with rice or maida. This is a traditional sweet made for Saraswati Pooja or Mahanavami during Navaratri. The batter can be fermented for an hour before frying.

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