Cauliflower Rice

Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 3 People

This recipe is for Cauliflower lovers! Cauliflower is one of the popular vegetable. A cup of this flower has 100% daily recommended amount of Vitamin C, about a quarter of Vit K, 6 % Potassium, 3% of magnesium and 2% of Calcium. A very tasty rice variety can be prepared with this flower using simple ingredients along with millets. This is a very good lunch box recipe!

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Tarri Poha

Cooks in: 30 Minutes Serves: 3 People

This is a famous street food of Nagpur. Spiced rice flakes/poha is served with hot tarri made of Kala Chana. Sometimes sprouted chana is also used for this recipe. A special spice mix varhadi masala is used in this tarri preparation. I used barnyard millet poha for this recipe and the dish turned out so yummy!

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Chilli Garlic Noodles

Cooks in: 25 Minutes Serves: 3 People

Chilli Garlic/Burnt Garlic Noodles is an easy noodles recipe where silky noodles are tossed in chilli and soya sauce with lot of garlic. Those who love garlic must try this recipe! You can precook the noodles and and keep it in fridge to reduce the preparation time. This is one of my family's favourite and they love it with lots of crunchy veggies. Try this recipe and satisfy your taste buds!

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Coconut Sesame Rice | தேங்காய் எள்ளு சாதம்

Cooks in: 15 Minutes Serves: 3 People

The Tamil month Purattasi is considered very special for Lord Narayanan. People offer Maa vilakku, Ellodharai, Pongal, Vadai, Curd Rice, Payasam etc. to Lord Venkateswara of Thirumala Tiruppathi. I have already shared a simple ellodharai/Sesame rice recipe. This recipe, a slight variation from the usual ellodharai, is unique as this is a Kovil Prasadam recipe which I learnt from a Battar of Perumal Kovil. The blend of coconut, pepper and sesame seeds gives the dish an excellent taste and aroma. Try this recipe for the coming Saturday and offer to Perumal.

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