Mangalore Cucumber Dosa | Dosakai Dosai

Cooks in: 30 Minutes Serves: 6 People

Dosakai cucumbers are a rich source of dietary fiber, eliminating toxic compounds from the gut, and also contain vitamins C, E, and K, potassium, and magnesium. These can be consumed both raw and cooked. Some of the popular dishes made are Pachidi, Pappu, stuffed curry, sambar, stir fry and they are also used for pickling. Dosas are made using this vegetable in some parts of Karnataka. Try this wonderful dosa recipe with millets.

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Karuppatti Aappam | Palm Jaggery Aappam

Cooks in: 40 Minutes Serves: 5 People

Aappam is a regular breakfast dish in Tamilnadu and Kerala. Karuppatti Aappam is the sweet version that is made adding Palm jagerry syrup. This is a special dish of Madurai. With millets, this turned out very soft and when had with coconut milk, it just melts in the mouth. Palm jaggery has a lot of health benefits and try to include them once in a while.

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Karuppatti Halwa | Palm Jaggery Halwa

Cooks in: 20 Minutes Serves: 4 People

Karupatti (palm Jaggery) Halwa or Panai Vellam Halwa is a deliciously authentic sweet from Tamilnadu. This sweet is so yummy and prepared using a healthy Palm Jaggery. Karupatti is a natural sweetener with no artificial additives. Karupatti is also known to have various medicinal properties and other health benefits. Halwa made with palm Jaggery is an authentic delicacy.

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Poha Aloo Paratha

Cooks in: 40 Minutes Serves: 4 People

Aloo parathas are a favourite breakfast dish in many homes across our country. Just pickle and curd as side dishes, this delicacy is enjoyed even by children. In this recipe, I have used millet poha, potatoes and spices. The parathas remained soft for a very long time. Try this excellent recipe as soon as possible.

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Aval Karupatti Laddu | Poha Palm Jaggery Laddu

Cooks in: 15 Minutes Serves: 2 People

Aval/Poha laddu is a very easy sweet which can be prepared in 15 minutes. Palm jaggery is a rich source of minerals. It promotes better digestion, reduces mensural cramps and nourishes the skin. Palm jaggery is rich in iron, which increases hemoglobin levels, thus treating anemia. Try this easy recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way.

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