Millet Modhakam/Kozhukattai

Preparation Time: 20 minutes Cooks in : 20 min Serves: 2 people

Modhakam/Kozhukattai is offered to Lord Ganesha. It is made using rice flour stuffed with various types of fillings. I have replaced rice flour by bajra/kambu. The flour becomes soft and supple by Autolysis . Ragi also works well and I have prepared modhakams many times using this millet.

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Kanchipuram Idlis

Cooks in : 45 min Serves: 4 people

Kanchipuram is an ancient city of Tamil Nadu, which is famous for its beautiful silk sarees, grand temples as well as a special kind of idli which are steamed in long banana leaves called ‘kudalai’. I tried this with Kodo Millet and Little Millet. Both came out beautifully and the result is before your eyes!

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